Monday, April 25, 2016

Human Agency

I think that you control your life and what happens in it. If you choose to be lazy and not do anything to change the circumstances you are in, then you are gonna stay in that position. Yes, you cannot control what other people do or the genes you inherited, or the way you were raised, but if you work hard and are determined to change something about you or your situation, then you can change it. It's all about your attitude and how much you really want something. I think there is such thing as fate, and there is such a thing as a coincidence, but you choose how those things will affect you. Sometimes the people around you will do something you don't like, then its your decision if you want that to affect you or not.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


I think I would give half of it to my mom for her to spend for whatever she wants, then a quarter to my mom to save for me until I'm older to use as money for a car, college, and a deposit on a house, then, with whatever is left I would start a charity foundation for people in 3rd world countries who have went untreated for years with diseases that have been vaccinated in 1st world countries but not theirs, and to charities to help children in Trash Hill, Cambodia. Problems that may arise is people who want to steal your money or you becoming too greedy or a shopaholic and get into major debt like Kanye West.  I could also become too egotistical and caught up in the money. I would prevent these things from happening by not flaunting my money to the media, and by having my mom help me manage it, which sounds silly but I am only thirteen.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Kino's songs show that he values family and righteous living. The song shows that he values the family because when he hears thing song, he says that, "...this is safety, this is warmth..." The songs he hears also shows that he values living righteously because when he hears the song of evil, he describes it as an enemy therefore Kino values not living that way. The songs change when his situation changes, like when it is peaceful and content in the morning, but when the scorpion enters their home it becomes a more dangerous and volatile environment, changing the mood of the song. I think everyone has their own way of thinking and for me, I can relate to Kino in that certain things in my everyday life connect to another memory or feeling in my brain, for me, anything and everything is connected.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

KBAR 21: Which Came First, The Answer, Or The Question?

The ending of my book was so well thought out and was probably one of the best endings I've ever read. You didn't see it coming at all, but at the same time, it wasn't a ending that the author just put in to surprise you. It was subtle, but at the same time, it left you saying, "wooooaahh". As you can see by my previous choice of words, it's hard to explain but I personally liked it better than a lot of other book endings. What it basically did, is it gave you the happily ever after that everyone wants, but at the same time, since that can be boring, it just gave you a very tiny amount of information that was kind of like a mystery and left you pondering what it meant. I don't really like loose ends unless they intend to tie them up in another book that will be published a short amount of time after, and technically, this book didn't have any. It threw in a mystery on the last page, to leave you thinking about it, but at the same time it also solved the mystery because the whole book was just a really long explanation. I think that if you want to inform kids about a historically important person but you also want to write a book kids might actually enjoy, use this method; write the whole story of their life, but write it as if you knew all the in-between details, and don't actually tell them what it's about until the very end. But make sure you say based on true events or else you would be lying.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

KBLOG 20: A Homeless Lesson

My new book is about a boy in Korea who is homeless and dreams to become a potter. I wish more homeless people would be like Crane-man and Tree-ear, most homeless people just beg for money, and I mean I get it, they do need help, but the reason why most people walk right past is because honestly, they know that it won't help much. Not in the way that, "Oh, it's just a dollar" or something, but as in they're never gonna leave that curb, take the money they've got and try to work and earn more. Obviously some of them are physically unable to do that, but lots of them could try their very hardest to get a job. I don't mean a REAL job but like, mowing peoples lawn, washing cars, or maybe at a grocery store or warehouse, but at least try. And thats why I like Crane-mans philosophy, they work hard to garner a meal, but they don't steal or beg, because that makes "a man no better than a dog"

Thursday, February 18, 2016

KBLOG 18: Protaganistic Hypocracy Skeptics

I'm starting to doubt if I even like the main character. Well, no, I do, but she can be super annoying and I just feel like she likes herself a little too much. Which leads me to my main point; if the protagonist repeatedly complains and implies that the antagonist is full of herself and narcissistic (not even knowing for sure), but the protagonist herself thinks she has no imperfections, then is she truly the protagonist or is the author just writing the book so that you have a unique view of who he initially meant to be the protagonist? I'm starting to think that the author isn't even meaning to have us like the "protagonist", but just wants us to see what would usually be the protagonist from a different perspective. But getting off the subject of my skeptics on the books literary purpose, and going to my new ideas on why the characters feel the way they do. So, Jamie, hates Angeline, cause she's "annoying" which I totally agree with, but maybe the motive behind her consistent overly obsessive behavior, when it comes to Angeline, is maybe something completely different. Obviously, she's jealous, but I mean, her personality and backstory is making me think that maybe her fascination with Angeline is actually a neurosis. Maybe, years and years of an, unusual, to say the least, childhood has caused a slight psychological abnormality, which would be inducive to irrational fixations. But the author probably didn't think that deep into it, but a girl can dream.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

KBLOG #16: so far she's not the best friend

I'm reading a book called Dear Dumb Diary by Jim Benson. This book is the diary of a girl named Jamie going through middle school with her best friend Isabella, and how she has to deal with being a teenager and the girl she hates, Angeline. So far, it doesn't really seem like Isabella is that good of a friend, I mean, I kind of like her because she is really funny, but is very mean and stubborn. Also, I totally understand why Jamie hates Angeline, because it's seems like she basically gets everything she wants and is a total brat and her life is perfect, and that's not fair.  I really hope that as the book continues, Isabella will become a better friend and something will happen to Angeline so that her life isn't perfect anymore. Sadly though, iI think that the author is gonna make Isabella the bad guy and Jamie will realize Angeline isn't that bad at all and they will become friends.